We offer Hypnotherapy to clients as part of the centre's holistic approach to care. All our practitioners are fully qualified members of a professional body.

What is hypnotherapy?

There are many forms of psychological  therapy  but  hypnotherapy is distinctive in that it works  with the subconscious mind.

Hypnosis is a natural state of heightened  awareness, where we are able to open our  minds to beneficial  suggestions. Where we can  access and utilise existing inner  resources and  make use of our imagination to help make positive changes in our  lives.

Hypnosis is a safe way of connecting with the subconscious mind, to issue new  suggestions. These suggestions are tailored precisely to suit  our  needs - and in this way we can bring about changes in the way we think and behave that often seem simply miraculous.

Hypnotherapy can generally help with any problem  we're finding hard to handle on our own -  thoughts and actions we'd like to banish or acquire, or  emotional suffering that is too overwhelming or has gone on for  too long. It can often change our perspective from negative to positive, which can have a significant life enhancing effect.

Sometimes we may need to regress back to find the root of the problem, often it is more appropriate to use future progression techniques  in  order to change the future. Hypnotherapy is  often combined with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) – rapid techniques used to alter limiting patterns of thought, behavior  and language.

What will I experience?

There are many myths about  hypnosis  which give a misleading impression. The reality is  very different. All hypnosis is in effect  self-hypnosis.

The client doesn’t don’t lose awareness  of who they are,  where they are or what they  are  doing. You are in control at all  times.

They don’t ‘go under’ in the sense that they  fall  asleep or lose consciousness;  most  people remain fully  aware throughout  the  session. It is very similar to the focused state of  daydreaming, or that relaxed state before sleep.

In fact, hypnotherapy is invariably a relaxing,  enjoyable experience that leaves us  feeling calm and relaxed.

What can hypnotherapy help with?

Hypnotherapy is  particularly  useful  in helping us  with:-

  • Stress and Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Motivation
  • Feelings of Anger, Guilt or Resentment
  • Fear of surgery
  • Coping with Chemotherapy  and Radiotherapy
  • Lack of  confidence or self-esteem
  • Insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns
  • Weight Loss
  • Pain

How many sessions can I have?

Initially members may book  4 free sessions of hypnotherapy or 4 sessions  of  a combination  of therapies. Following these,  we  would respectfully request  that,  circumstances  allowing,  members make a minimum donation of £5.00  per  session.

Where will the therapy take place?

All therapy  sessions take place in consultation room at  the  centre.

How do I book a therapy session?

All sessions are booked through the manager or an appointed volunteer. You can book in person, by telephone on 01293 534465 or by e-mail.