"I can’t quantify how much you will help my recovery. You are all so awesome. An oasis for sure . I just want to show my appreciation for an awesome place where I feel accepted through this horrendous journey. Thank you so so much.".....JL

"This is my first visit to the Olive Tree I would recommend this place as a oasis of peace & tranquillity, the staff are so dedicated I felt very welcomed and cared for. I realised that I don’t need to feel alone in this difficult journey with cancer. Thank you all at the Olive Tree for your great work, for your compassion and your genuine love"…… MT

"I visited The Olive Tree Cancer Care centre today at Crawley Hospital. I have lost most of my hair through Chemotherapy. I came away with wigs and hats feeling complete again. Jackie, the receptionist, was so helpful and the choice of wigs etc. was outstanding. You were a life changer today. Thank you so much.".....LG

"I have come back to the Olive Tree today to be in touch with the wonderful people here that have helped me over the years to live my life and look for the beautiful things in life, now spring is here everywhere I look I feel so happy inside. Thank you to everyone at the Olive Tree for helping me to enjoy every day".....RM

"Fab morning very supportive and great fun. Learnt things I will be using in the future. Marvellous goody bag of freebies. I walked out feeling on top of the world".....SB

"The Olive Tree is somewhere I feel ok even when I don’t, Marilyn is an inspiration and I am so grateful to her and all the staff for their support which is invaluable".....KD

"I visited the Olive Tree when I was diagnosed with leukaemia in 2006. I can’t find the words to express how the Olive Tree, Marilyn and the team has helped me with their kindness, love, empathy and understanding. I was again diagnosed with lung cancer in November 2016 once again they helped me, and everyone went out of their way to help me emotionally and spiritually. I call it my temple".....PR.

"and tranquillity; the staff are so dedicated. I felt very welcome and cared for".  
"The Olive Tree is somewhere I feel OK even when I don’t. I am so grateful to all the staff for their support which is invaluable".                                                                              
"I feel that I came to The Olive Tree to get treatments but most of all  I feel that I am here to meet people  who really care about me and make me feel that life is worth living. Each time I leave I feel a new strength inside me to carry on".