Complementary therapies

At the Olive Tree we offer a wide range of complementary therapies to support people affected by cancer. Complementary therapies are used alongside conventional treatments and are not an alternative. The therapies aim to help people to relax, reduce stress levels, alleviate the side effects of cancer treatments and enhance feelings of well-being. All of our therapists are fully qualified and insured.

Therapy sessions are available all through the week, including some evening appointments and Olive Tree members are entitled to 4 free treatments, after which we ask for a minimum donation of £5 per treatment if possible.

If the new member is a cancer patient, then the centre will undertake to seek assurances from the patient's GP, Oncologist or Consultant  before commencing ‘hands on’ therapy.

All members will be required to complete a health questionnaire before commencing any of our ‘hands on’ therapies.


Hypnotherapy is a therapy delivered through the medium of hypnotic trance. Hypnosis is a natural phenomenon which combines strong focus with guided imagery and relaxation. The therapy delivered at the Olive Tree is a mix of hypnosis with solution focused therapy. This type of therapy looks at helping with current issues, rather than routing around in the past for what may have caused them and can help with:

Emotional stress. Motivation. Feelings of anger, guilt or resentment. Fear (of surgery, needles etc). Coping strategies through treatment. Lack of confidence or self esteem. Insomnia and disruptive sleep patterns. Lifestyle changes and goals.

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All therapy sessions are booked via the centre manager or appointed volunteer and we ask members to let the centre know as soon as possible if they need to cancel an appointment.

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