F = February Fundraising Fun

Ava Harding


February 1, 2021

This February we are asking all of our supporters to engage with this fundraising campaign.  The target can be a little or as much as you are able to – it just has to begin with F so £5, £15, £50, £500.  It is really simply complete any challenge of your choosing so Five laps of a running track, five laps of your garden, fifty burpies, making 500 cupcakes!  Anything you want as long as it is FUN!

We have are asking you all to keep your challenge and targets realistic and achievable, with many people taking part we can raise so much more together when you consider it only takes10 people to raise £50 each for us to have £500 in total.  £500 is an amazing amount when you consider £5= A complementary therapy session for one person, £10 = A workshop session for one person, £50 = The average of a volunteer’s monthly expenses, £125 = The average cost of 1 week’s laundry at the Olive Tree Centre and £500 = Yearly insurance costs.  You can really see the difference your donations would make.

We have created a Just Giving campaign for those of you who wish to create JG pages please link them to ours F =February Fundraising Fun - JustGiving

Lets see what we can do together!

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