Happy Retirement Marilyn!

Charlotte Hawkins


July 16, 2023

We had a lovely time saying farewell to Marilyn, at her retirement get together.

There was plenty of merry making, food, and memories shared.

The response to the collection for Marilyn, was huge. The generosity of the people who contributed towards Marilyn's retirement gifts was a real testament to how much she is loved.

This meant we were able to present Marilyn with a £400 gift voucher for a garden centre, flowers, cards, a flamingo cushion (yes, Marilyn LOVES a flamingo)  plus, an olive tree gifted by Terrie Stephens, our Crawley Centre Manager & Lisa Balcomb , and a magnolia tree for her garden.

We were also treated the most spectacular pavlova, lovingly hand crafted by Ann Edwards, delicious scones made by Kerry Cameron, and a magnificent chocolate cake!

Yulia Baynham one of our Trustees gave a brilliant speech and shared some of the comments that were posted in our social media platforms. Plus, did a little story telling about Marilyn's life before the Olive Tree.

It was a real team effort, with Sheri Werner our Horsham Centre Manager serving the guests their drink of choice, as they arrived, and Charlotte Hawkins our Communications Administrator taking care of the photography 📸

Thank you for everyone who attended and for all those that helped with the organisation of the event.

Marilyn, we will miss you, but we know where you live, so you can't escape from us indefinitely!

Enjoy your newfound freedom Marilyn 💚

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