Lymphoedema Awareness Workshop, 6th March 2-4 p.m.

Sarah Brocklehurst


February 20, 2019

Join us at the Olive Tree for an Information & Education Workshop to find out all you need to know about lymphoedema, a distressing condition which can affect cancer patients following surgery and treatment.  The workshop will be led by Yvette Jordan, UK Lymphology Clinics Training Director.  Olive Tree volunteer therapists Anna Parsons and Juliette Cross will also be assisting Yvette.

Topics covered:

• What is Lymphoedema?
• How does Lymphoedema happen?
• Who is most at risk?
• Recognising clinical signs of early Lymphoedema
• Best methods and early applications for a preventative approach
• Questions & answers

Please book your place at the front desk or ring 01293 534465

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