Monthly Spotlight

Ava Harding


July 28, 2020

Something To Look Forward To' is a charity run by one family affected by cancer improving the lives of thousands of other families across the UK. When people who are diagnosed with cancer face financial hardship, in most cases the first things to go are the 'little' luxuries in life. At a time when these treats are most needed, these are the things people cannot afford to do. 

The charity grant ‘gifts’, ‘experiences’ which aim to provide rest, recuperation, enhance a sense of wellbeing and provide opportunities to build positive memories. We also provide ‘essential items’ to those most severely financially affected by their cancer diagnosis including clothes, toiletries and bedding. The charity supports people with any primary cancer diagnosis for one year and those with a secondary or terminal diagnosis on an ongoing basis.


We provide the following services:

Holidays – These gifts provide couples and families with a break from their usual wold of cancer treatment, scans and results.

Dining – These gifts allow couples and families to spend valuable time together outside of the home creating positive memories.

Activities and Attractions -These gifts provide couples and families with the opportunity to have fun by taking part in indoor and outdoor activities; promoting both their physical and emotional health.

Health and Wellbeing - These gifts allow individuals, couples and families to rest and recuperate during their time of need as well offering the opportunity for physical exercise and complimentary therapy.  

Essentials – These gifts are for those experiencing extreme financial problems which we grant via the agencies we work with to reach those most in need. These include such things as bedding; towels; toiletries; clothing and food vouchers.


All gifts and experiences can be applied for from the website by following the step by step application process.

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