Monthly Spotlight

Ava Harding


November 30, 2020

We normally use our spotlight to introduce other amazing organisations who may be able to provide additional or different support to those we offer to our members. However, this month we decided to spotlight one of our own. We decided to do this as some of you may not be aware of our Macmillan Support Worker, Terrie Stephens so we asked her to introduce herself to you and explain what her role here at Olive Tree is all about:

Hi, my name is Terrie Stephens and I am the Macmillan Support Worker for the Olive Tree Horsham Information Hub, working out of Horsham Hospital.

My role is to assist the Olive Tree Cancer Support Manager in providing information and support to people living with and beyond cancer in the Crawley & Horsham areas. Providing support to clients attending the Crawley centre and to those accessing the information hub and community outreach programmes in Horsham.

I will be your first point of call when you contact the Olive Tree Horsham and we can meet and have a chat to find out the best way to support you and your family/carers/supporters.  Signpost you to information i.e. where to get relevant financial advice, local support groups and of course to access our support and wellbeing programs.

We also run some fun and informative workshops at Horsham hospital for our clients to join in.

I am available for a friendly chat if needed and will endeavour to find the support and information you may need.

I liaise with other professionals in the area to ensure we can provide the best up to date information and referrals.


Please feel free to contact me 01403 627424 or

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