Our huge thanks to Bohunt Horsham for the donation from their fundraising event

Charlotte Hawkins


September 19, 2023

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Bohunt Horsham for the donation we have received as a result of their fundraising event held in July.

The event named ‘The BIG Camp’ was a huge success despite the atrocious weather on the day. Over 100 students camped overnight at the school and raised £1100 in total for the Olive Tree Cancer Support Group.

The charity was nominated by Jamie Hawkins, a year 9 student at the school. Mr Brooks, supported by his colleagues, was assigned the mammoth task of organising event, which included, delicious food, a silent disco, plus an ice cream van.

Thank you, Jamie, for nominating our charity in the first instance.

Thank you, Mr Brooks, for all your hard work, arranging the event, and making the decision to extend the invitation to all year groups, which significantly increased the amount raised.

The event was a complete success. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and were impressed with how Bohunt students interacted with us.

It goes without saying that we are delighted with the amount of money that was raised, as it will help us to continue to support our members. However, the positive response to our talks was as equally valuable. Here at the Olive Tree, we are all so passionate about supporting anyone affected by cancer. Therefore, knowing that we made a positive impact on a younger audience, raised awareness, which will hopefully, protect someone’s life in the future, is the ultimate achievement.

We do hope that we can visit Bohunt Horsham again in the future.

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