Spotlight on Brainstrust

Ava Harding


September 23, 2020

We know we provide so much support for so many, we also know there are many other organisations who can also support you. This is why we have our monthly Spotlight, to provide information on other charities and organisations who can provide additional support, this month we are shining on Brainstrust. I met Josie Taylor from Braintrust through a chance meeting at Horsham Park where she was meeting a client to provide support, here is what she says about their organisation:

BRAINSTRUST is here to help you live life with and beyond a brain tumour. We know that when you hear the words ‘you have a brain tumour’, you need support from people who not only understand the fear, confusion and isolation but can empower and resource you to overcome it.

All our support specialists are trained coaches. Coaching focuses on understanding your personal priorities and developing strategies and clarity to achieve a better quality of life. We don’t give advice, because we understand that every situation is unique. What we do is help you work through the biggest challenges of life with a brain tumour – and you can access this support through our 24/7 helpline, or email support from your local support specialist.

We have lots of resources to help you understand and manage your diagnosis including our guide to the brain tumour pathway, Radiotherapy Book, Fatigue Book and information on topics such as finances and benefits. All of our resources can be found on our website at

We run virtual meetups and webinars so you can connect, learn, feel less alone, less afraid and better supported. Our meetups are open to anyone affected by a brain tumour and are simply an opportunity to meet other members of the brain tumour community. Our webinars are designed to help people tackle the challenges they may be facing such as managing fatigue, understanding how to live with dry mouth and epilepsy. You can find details of our upcoming events at

Our Facebook group, Brain Tumour Support brainstrust, is a hub where everybody affected by a brain tumour can come together online to seek advice, solace or just to share emotion in a safe, comfortable and easy to access community.

Contact the helpline: 01983 292405


Visit our website:

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