Mental Health Day - Tuesday 10th October

Charlotte Hawkins


October 4, 2023

Mental Health Day is on Tuesday the 10th of October

This year’s theme is:

“Mental health is a universal human right”.

World Federation for Mental Health 2023


Here at The Olive Tree, we whole heartedly agree with this statement, which is why we are dedicated in providing services for our members, which help support, explore, and nurture a healthy mind set, whilst living with cancer.

We offer one to one counselling, life coaches and hypnotherapists who provide a safe and confidential space, for members to talk through their thoughts, and feelings.

We also run regular support groups, coffee mornings, and workshops which help ease the day-to-day struggles many of us face.

Just simply sharing part of your day chatting over a cup of tea, with people who understand, can be very beneficial. And did you know that our hands on therapies can also support your mental health too?

Each month, we circulate The Olive Tree Times, which lists all of our services, upcoming workshops, and regular support groups. If you don’t currently receive The Olive Tree Times, by email, or post, please let us know!

Reminder - We don’t only support people with a cancer diagnosis, but their family, friends, and carers too. Cancer affects everyone involved.

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