Counselling Services

Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is a very stressful  experience and counselling can help you with many of the problems you may face  when you have cancer. In a calm and relaxed  setting you have the opportunity to explore the problems or issues which are perhaps  causing anxiety.

Counselling is about helping you to think things through for  yourself to find your own answers. It is not always an easy process, as it may  mean discussing things you feel uncomfortable about; but it can also be a relief to air these  feelings, thoughts and ideas with someone who listens, does not judge and  respects your confidentiality.

It can be particularly helpful to talk through your feelings  and anxieties with someone other your friends and family because they may be  too close to the issues to be impartial.

Counselling can enable you to see things more clearly,
take  control of your life and even discover new strengths and resources
within  yourself.

Clients generally meet with one of our counsellors on a  weekly basis, either for a few sessions or over several weeks.

If you would like to explore the possibility of counselling  please call our Centre Manager on 01293 534465 (Crawley) or 01403 627424 (Horsham).